A new month started, and everyone is making all these resolutions. Anyway, I pass directly to the action. However I have to admit that these days have been …. well, I do not want to get into family issues that are private online, but lets just say that there have been some arguments, and we are all struggling.

I went back to work today. My contract does not expire! so I guess that is good. I had to teach a class today but it did not went as I expected. When I was at the office, my boss called me saying that I would have two new students. Southafrican and french and I did. The problem was that their level is much lower than the rest of the class, so I was not completely prepared for that. My boss cannot really separate them into two groups because it is not affordable for the company, so I guess I will have to find a way to make them all feel comfortable. So, I have to be ready for that. It is good. I have to develop also a guide for students doing the “Camino de Santiago” like, a phrasebook and that is going to be fun.

I do not have news on my US Universities applications which is keeping me anxious.

Remember I said I was going to do this.. book challenge? It consisted on reading books that we have in our shelf (books that we do not buy in 2012) and read them. So I started already and I’m going to give you my opinion on them.

La tia Tula (Aunt Tula), really short novel by Unamuno is about a woman who leaves everything to take care of her sisters’ children, and acts as their mother. Unamuno critizises society, specially the ro

le of women in Spanish society during the … 20’s maybe. Tula resigns everything in order to become a virtues mother, as the Christian religion suggests. I liked it.

San Manuel Bueno, mártir, also by Unamuno. I loved this one. It was really really fun. IT is also a short novel, and talks about a priest (Don Manuel) in the most devoted town of the country. It tells the story of a priest that does not believe in God, but he pretends to do so because he thinks it is very good for the people in town. He is really loved by everyone even by Lázaro, a guy that went to America to work, and who was atheist and progressist . Both characters share really amazing conversations on religion and life (at that period of time) and the author does not forget to use humor in a really sarcastic way.  I really recommend this.

After, I kept reading some comedies (theatre) since I am working on my performing skills. I have always loved drama but I have to admit that I need so much culture and information. After reading Tartuffo, I decided to read “El avaro”  L’Avare (The Miser). I enjoyed it tremendously. It reminded me to my grandpa, I do not want to get into the argument, since most of the people has read it, but I cannot wait to watch a performance. 

El enfermo imaginario (The Imaginary Invalid) is great as well. I would love to play Toinettes’ role, the best character from my point of view, hilarious.

So I invested a good time in reading good stuff. Did not stop reading my newspaper everyday and did not abandon my movies.

I followed track on the movies I watched during 2011 and they were a total of 94, I felt kinda disappointed. So I started a new list this year. For the moment I have watched just a few: Godfather (I), re-view, cuz I love it. Marlon Brando is just amazing. I was feeling down and I watched Braidsmaids, which was not so bad. Went to the movie theater a couple of times to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and The Iron Lady. Both were ok. I liked Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy much better because I really expected the Iron Lady to be really amazing and it was just ok. I mean, acting is great, but it is not so great the story’ focus.


You see? I am reading Ensayo sobre la ceguera right now, and my movie watchlist is already long…

I admit suggestions.


Thanks for reading.




I told you thousand times already. I hate this holidays. Not only the cold. But the colors, the lights. The people around congratulating. It feels so fake. Like everyone is smiling to you, saying nice things, but you know everything is fake. Just because its Xmas, so, thats how it is supposed to be. Sorry I do not feel this way. 

However I love New Years Eve. No presents involved, not fake feelings involved. I just know that is a day to say goodbye to an old year, a year in which you had mistakes, and start a new one with the right foot. Having new plans, new desires. For me, it is like if someone gives you a blank page. Something like start again. Somehow. So, I am always looking forward for the party. I do not usually go out. Spend it with family traditions and after we go to visit some friends or so. 

Last year, 2011 started bad. We went for dinner to my uncles. It was nice, but after midnight he started to feel bad and had to go to the hospital. That was the last day he spent at home. Died six months after. A lot of things happened through the 2011… me feeling sick, mum loosing her job, my other uncles tumor… so I was willing to the 2012 to start. 

Around 8 I went to have some drinks, the neighbor bar always offers free champaign and cookies. And had some warm wine. I was a little tipsy by dinner time because I am not used to drink alcohol. We had some seafood and then oven cooked fish. I was trying to make nice conversation. Asking my family for 2012 plans or whatsoever, but noone was really participating. Just five minutes before the grapes (this spanish tradition) my grandma and aunt had a fight about the dog, so my grandma went downstairs shouting and she missed the countdowh. I was so concerned about doing all this supersticions right this time. But everythong turned out bad. It was the worst New Years Eve I had. After the countdown my grandma started cleaning up, and by 12.30 I was in bed. Sad. 

Anyway… my mum said : it is not how it starts . it is how it ends. Let see. 

I just feel very sad and disappointed the year is starting this way. 


in the land of rural


Ok. I’m tired of holiday time. Yes. I know. I wish I had to go to work, or something. I told you I hated Xmas, and its true, and plus, having free time its killing me. Not that I have been plenty of time, which I havent got. With some Invisible friend shopping (I got PJs, a notebook, jungle speed, and gloves and scarf), and some family tasks I have been busy. In fact I haven’t had time for studying. Anyway, my complains come because it has been a lot of family time. A LOT. and I wanted to get SO involved, that now I am trying to fix family trouble and its so so so frustrating. 

One thing at a time. These days I have been to my mums hometown to take care of my cousin so that my grandma has time to do her stuff. These days I have realized that her neighbors, which happen to be my aunt and uncle -those we do not talk to- have been asking my grandmother (whose health is not perfect) to cook for them, wash their clothes, do their shopping, and other random stuff, all behind the rest of the family who usually go often to help her. So I went there to ask them please to stop asking my grandma to do stuff for them cuz she’s got enough, and what do i get? WHO are you? said my own aunt! can you believe it? she has been so cut off the family that she does not even know who i am. thats sad. That has been my day. The thing is that my uncle said, ok, we are going to stop , but I actually do not believe it. 

Being in the rural world has been fun, though. On the other hand. I mean, freezing cold. But I saw the rabbits, fed them, and went with grandma to do the shopping. Its great how she says hello to everyone we run into because that person is always someone that she knows from somewhere. Then, they stop and talk for a while. I promise, my grandma said today seven times (to seven different people) “last night snow…”. We bough some green beans to plant, also some rat poison, and corn bread. She bought also Dora the explorer cookies for me. yes. i am 24. The best part was when we had to go to this house in the middle of nowhere where an old lady sold us homemade honey for 5 euros. Then I just read for a while and wrote a bit. I


Next post I’m talking about this thing that I have been doing. Reconciling with people from the past. I think I’ve gone crazy. I’m serious. 🙂




happy new year. 

holiday nap


Today was my last day at work before holidays.Well, the truth is that they are not real holidays. My contract finished today and I am getting renewed January 9th so that my boss does not have to pay me holidays.Yah… blame it on the crisis..But I cannot complain. I am really happy with my job, and she told me my next contract it is going to be until before September that I have to go to the US (well, I have not even thought of the possibility that I might not be accepted by any university, which it could happen, but I just do not want to think about it). Plus, she brought me a present. French sweet dessert wine to enjoy during Xmas with my family. Isn’t she nice?

Yesterday we had the “company Xmas lunch” thing. Not payed by the company. It was quite interesting. We went to this Bretonne restaurant we ordered salads, galettes and sweet crepes. Everything was good and not expensive. Being with the rest of the teachers was a nice experience, I felt completely part of the group.

The rest of the day was exhausting: Xmas shopping. Everywhere was really crowded, the heater in the shops too hot… well, I even got sick. But I had the perfect ending for the day because it was the Goodbye party at the drama school. (until 2012) And we really had fun. There were performances, improvisation competitions, lots of Champaign. Great. The problem is that I think I ate something weird because I was feeling sick the whole night.

How am I spending the holidays? I really do not know, but I have started today by taking a really relaxing nap, I think I have already told it a few times, but I hate Xmas. On top of that, this year we are not even having special dishes. There is this thing that we always have on the 24th that is called “PAn de JAmón” it is a venezuelan dish. And it is something that has been always on the Xmas table. However, the only bakery that made it in Galicia closed and that’s why we are not having one this year. My dad offered to make it himself, but my grandma said “no. get over it” and since we are spending the night at her house… so, we are just going to have a regular dinner. My mum does not like cooking, and my grandma is tired of it, so I guess we are eating something roasted on the oven, and turrón for dessert.

My other grandma, the one who lives in a very small and rural town called me and ask me if I could take care tomorrow morning of her granddaughter that has no school, and she needs to do some Xmas shopping. I am more than happy to do it, thats first plan for the holidays ( studying for the driving license will have to wait) and I have already plan some stuff to do with the girl: coloring, dancing, teaching some chinese words so she can impress her family during the holidays… It is great that for the first time there is something I can do for my grandma, I always feel I owe her.

Thats all

any recommendation for me? books? TV shows? movies?

thank you,





My last drama class was amazing. We had a different teacher for the day and did stuff new. they think we are a good group. I hope they really thing that. And… we are having Xmas party next Wed. – by the way I have my first lunch with my coworkers, also Wed, but at lunch time, we’re going to a real brettonese creperie- I am excited. And in the drama party we’re showing our composition. I’m sure its going to be fun. The truth is that I find several people there really interesting, but we never have the chance to talk much cuz we’re doing exercises all the time, so… not real time to “be friends”. Plus, class ends at 22.30 (most of the time later) and its time to go home, have dinner and rest. So the party its going to be a good opportunity to get to know the actors and actresses better. 

I had surprises at work, too. I was there, from 9 to 13.30 in the office. About 12.30 my boss asked me to substitute an english teacher (intermediate class) at 16.00. I agreed, despite the fact that I am just teaching chinese and spanish, and I was kinda nervous thinking how to conduct the class. But it was great. The group was fantastic. I was really satisfied and I think they had fun too. I think that I am enjoying this thing of being a teacher too much… After the English class I had class with Andrés, the child I’m teaching Mandarin. I was sad cuz it was our last class (in January he is going to the second year chinese group, i was preparing him for that) and you know what? He’ve learnt in less than an hour how to talk about seasons, about the weather, ask for dates, ask for birthday dates, ask for the price of stuff! He was incredible. At the end of the class he gave me a huge surprise. A beautiful Santa’s plate full of candy, a card written by him saying thank you for being my teacher, and also a book mark with my name on it. I loved it. I have to confess that I might have let one tear go…

The rest of the day was not that great. I went to the doctor and he mention the word death, my mum was there and seriously, we had some drama. But its ok. 

What it is really NOT ok is that my family has been keeping a big secret for me. They think that I am weak at this moment and they were hiding that my uncle got his results and were not possitive. I mean, he has a tumor. They think I cannot handle it, and did not tell me. And of course I am hurt and sad. But I want to be part of the family too. I want to help. I have my right to be sad. 

I want to keep focusing on other stuff. I am doing this research on people from my town, I am going to interview a few tonight. And then, I want to keep reading the books for the reading club (although I cannot attend to the discussions anymore), and wow, studying for the car license. Thats the worst part, cuz that book is so no interesting. 


Thank you,



Off the Shelf 2012


I am joining the first Blog challenge in my life called :

Off the Shelf 2012

You can read all about this challenge in

and I encourage all of you to do it.

I am going to start easy basic level

Trying – Choose 15 books to read

1. Sostiene Pereira by Antonio Tabucchi in 1994 (Pereira Declares)

2.La tia Tula, Unamuno (Aunt Tula)

3. Ensaio sobre a cegueira, Saramago (Blindness)

4. La perla, John Steinbeck ( The Pearl)

5.Tinkers by Paul Harding

6.El avaro, Moliere (the Miser)










I have already decided a few, I will also update the list … any recommendations?

wish me luck!

martes trece


I am almost done with all the applications. I just have to apply to Duke Univesity and send a couple of Official transcripts. It feels kind of relaxed now. 

The weather is still bad. Rainy,but is so galician that I am even enjoying it. 

So, the dog arrived. Since we did not go to pick Nora ( I chose the name) up, my aunt ask some message company to bring it over. She arrived, she is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. She is also nice, like calm, and likes cuddling. 

My grandma did not get so mad, so everything is kind of ok.

Yesterday I realized this trait on me that is so different from my family. They have this thing: they love fighting, having arguments, shouting, but they have the capacity to forget everything by the next day and be alright among each other. I cannot. I have this thing, its so hard for me to get really mad, but it is so hard for me to forget. I am (I admit its bad) resentful person I ever met. Sometimes I even need revenge. Bad as it is, thats how I am and I have never been able to change that. 

Today two new students started, an american guy and a french girl (yeah, it remind me off Before sunshine and sunrise too….) and they are great. I think they both enjoyed the class.

Yesterday I watched La conspiración and I liked it. About Lincoln’s death conspiracy. And last weekend I watched the dark knight. Loooved it. yah i know, so typical. oh well.

Thank you,