I have realized something. Last night I was going to bed and I felt why should I reward myself? should I? why I cannot find reasons to be happy with myself? Like, why still I think all what I do it is not enough and I want to work more and more. 

so let me try. Let me try to mention reasons to maybe feel proud of myself, at least for these last couple of day.

– I have been accepted to volunteer at my old high school in the library. Organizing books, and promoting reading to tenagers. 

– I have been (and my classes) congratulated by my students. 

– I have been asked to teach several people more in my little town. 

– I have been told to look pretty by my friends mother. 

– I have seen friends that haven’t seen for a while, and really enjoy their conversation. 

– I have been asked to go for coffee with my coworkers. 

– I find one of my doctors really, really sexy

– I have put a lot a lot of effort on my classes and jobs. 

Well, as you can see it is probably not enough to feel proud of oneself, but at least to laugh a bit. 




– Haven’t made angry anyone for a while

– Visited ill friends in hospital / home. 


About casinoviembre

Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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  1. I like this reason for being proud of yourself: “find a doctor really sexy” ^^. Yes, you succeeded in finding a doctor that is not short, bold and fat!!! Sooooo, I’ll come to Galicia soon\(^o^)/.

  2. It’s been a while since you last wrote a post… is everything ok? I miss your entries… Two weeks ago I remembered you, because I took HSK 三级考试. If I’m not wrong, last year you took level 5. Was it difficult? Did you come back to Barcelona this year for level 6? Are you finally going to the USA to study? Hope everything’s fine over there!

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