It is getting really, really cold.

Yesterday I went to the doctor. It is so difficult just to listen you have to get still better.

But it is ok.

Classes went great yesterday, not so good today. I mean, the group learning Chinese is really motivated, they pay attention and they are doing great. The group today… well, the girl does not even know how to read Spanish. The guy is taking the class only because is his only way to work at my job place as an english teacher. So he is not motivated and I feel frustrated because I want them to enjoy the class and they are not enjoying it. They are going slow too.

Lately I have been feeling kind of disappointed at work. I mean, I want to do stuff, to make changes, but I am not supposed to do that, my job is just to teach what I am assigned. But I do believe in language teaching, and I want to try new things, to develop my own techniques, and at the same time I am scared to.

Meanwhile, I am just fighting with my own stories at home. As I said plenty of tmes before, coming back home it is not easy. Not only because I feel I am in the middle of the rest of peoples lives (at my parents, grandmas house) but also because I haven’t got any ties here yet. With people. It is a little town, everyone has his or her own life, and it is not easy to make changes. So, for me, it is hard to “get in”.

Struggling with uncertainty too. About the U.S universities. I haven’t heard from them yet. It is killing me.

On the other hand, I am going to Barcelona this week, on thursday. Until Sunday. I am excited and scared of how its going to feel. I really want to see my friends, get my paperwork done. I want to have fun and enjoy the weekend. Be a little far from all these worries – my uncle being sick, the crisis, work, future plans …


I guess that ‘s  all. I will tell you when I am back. Did I say that I loved “arrugas” ? the movie about the old people ? recommend it to everyone.


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