awf. Weekend already. and its the end of saturday. already. its not easy, really. This last week was actually hard.

Monday I stayed at work for 12 hours. And I started teaching begginner Chinese to a group of adults. They were great, I mean, really motivated people and they made me feel well. However something was wrong with my stomach.

Next day wasn’t that good. Not only cuz I was already exhausted, but because I am teaching Spanish to a really difficult group. I dont want to get into details but let’s just say that there is one student that does not treat me well. I feel useless and really bad.

the other group learning spanish is good.

How I have been dealing with this? not in the proper way. Drinking tones of coffee.Two at home before leaving at 7.00 one before getting into the office, one in my 11.30 break. And one after lunch. Yeah. No milk. Consequences? Nervously scratching the skin in my ears and head, so harming myself cuz I cannot stop my hands from trembling. I know I know, if you are conscious of this why do you keep this thing? I know. It has just been hard.

Plus, you know, when I moved back home from barcelona I brought all my books and decided to put them for a while in the storage room, until I buy a new bookshelf. I went to check on them and you know what? their condition is really bad. They are full of dust, and because of the humidity they are getting dirty… so I had to clean them. Like… books are the most valuable thing I have, and they are really important to me…

My aunt does not talk to me. At lunch keeps silent or ignores me. I think she is angry because everyone is worried about my health and I am making the rest of the family suffer. But … really? does she think I am doing this on purpose? Stop talking to me is not going to make everyone happier. I know I am kinda depressed and it sucks to be around me, but, please, do not be mad.


Anyway, I have been walking around tui everyday after lunch with my mum. Kept teaching my godmother’s daughter. Meeting with Monica to speak and practice English. Merchi is driving me to work everyday, and its nice. Love talking to her. Pili also inspired my mum and she enrolled in an english class and in a Galician CELGA class.

We have been planting stuff in our little garden. I have planted raspberries, blackberries, roses, etc.

I had book club session today. We have read “the book of tea”. I mean… it was nice to refresh ideas about buddhism, confucianism, taoism… however, I still do not get the tea ceremony thing. It is suppose to follow a philosophy which is all about nature, to let it go, to be yourself. And i find this ceremony to be very fetishist and elitist. Maybe I am not explaining myself properly. But I think I did in the club.

Its saturday night. I have just had dinner and you know what? I am going to watch some show episodes. I do not feel like preparing monday classes. I’ll do it tomorrow.







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