I have not been writing for a while… anyway, it is not that I have something really important to say, or to write about. However, I have been doing some interesting stuff. I think. But it just seems too hard to recapitulate and to sum everything up. There are no news on my university admission process, which is driving me crazy. Good news… I am going to Barcelona so soon. Like on February the 3rd … until the 5th. Which is great.

I have watched Sherlock Holmes 2 with Monica, that was pretty entertaining.  And for the rest of the time I have been preparing my lessons with my godmothers child who is having some issues in class because she has problems with her hearing. She is incredibly smart, but she cannot hear the teacher properly so I am just giving her some explanations. 

Today I am starting a new class on Chinese and I am kind of excited. I feel some pressure because some of my students are trying the class and if they like it they will stay in the class. So I should do well. 


So, regarding my health I am ok, according to my doctors. Not huge improvement either, but that is normal. 

I made a new friend. I mean she was a classmate in the E.S.O and she works as a waitress in my favorite cafe. We met for a coffee and we plan to keep in touch. 

I am going to work now. 

I must say that I am falling in love with Vigo. Stone city. It smells like the sea. Crazy narrow streets. 

And happy new year (chinese)

I have not been…


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