New Start


Well, still nothing better for the 2012, although I should not complain.

Today a friend was telling me that reading the newspaper is like reading a newspaper of a third world country, and things over here are economically and politically serious. Until now I felt it was far from being a problem affecting directly  to me and my family, but no longer is far from that. It is actually affecting us and most of our conversations are around this depressing topic.

Anyway, at work things do not look as good as last years. I mean, while I enjoyed my one-to-one classes, this January I am teaching a whole group. They are nice, but everyday there are new people, and I do not get to know them that good. New people makes that my class program is affected all the time, and I do not feel really satisfied with the results of my teaching.

Weather is terribly cold, and freezing in the office (sitting the whole morning typing with frozen fingers) , but let’s be positive. Its almost weekend, and today is looking good. I have a private lesson in the afternoon, but I am free from 17.00 on.

I am having lunch with my friend María, we have a lot to catch up, and I am going to the movies with mum to watch Jane Eyre.

Plus, I plan to go on a hike on the weekend, try to buy winter boots on sale, and spending some quality time with Ixchell.

Moreover, I have bought already my flight to spend a weekend in Barcelona, which I miss so much. I can’t stop thinking about all the places I want to go, and the things I want to buy cuz we don’t have them in Galicia. But most importantly, I can’t wait to see my friends.

Yesterday dramas’ class was amazing. We starting working on texts. Speaking of which, I have been reading. Apart from ensayo sobre la cegera (still did not finish) I read Albert Camus play The misunderstanding. I loved loved it.

I have read Cruda Vuelta y Vuelta, which, if you read Spanish, I highly recommend. Kinda changed my day yesterday.

I have read Bertolt Brecht “the flight across the Ocean”.  I did not enjoyed it that much, I find it hard, but I have to admit that it is a good piece that is worth to read.


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