in the land of rural


Ok. I’m tired of holiday time. Yes. I know. I wish I had to go to work, or something. I told you I hated Xmas, and its true, and plus, having free time its killing me. Not that I have been plenty of time, which I havent got. With some Invisible friend shopping (I got PJs, a notebook, jungle speed, and gloves and scarf), and some family tasks I have been busy. In fact I haven’t had time for studying. Anyway, my complains come because it has been a lot of family time. A LOT. and I wanted to get SO involved, that now I am trying to fix family trouble and its so so so frustrating. 

One thing at a time. These days I have been to my mums hometown to take care of my cousin so that my grandma has time to do her stuff. These days I have realized that her neighbors, which happen to be my aunt and uncle -those we do not talk to- have been asking my grandmother (whose health is not perfect) to cook for them, wash their clothes, do their shopping, and other random stuff, all behind the rest of the family who usually go often to help her. So I went there to ask them please to stop asking my grandma to do stuff for them cuz she’s got enough, and what do i get? WHO are you? said my own aunt! can you believe it? she has been so cut off the family that she does not even know who i am. thats sad. That has been my day. The thing is that my uncle said, ok, we are going to stop , but I actually do not believe it. 

Being in the rural world has been fun, though. On the other hand. I mean, freezing cold. But I saw the rabbits, fed them, and went with grandma to do the shopping. Its great how she says hello to everyone we run into because that person is always someone that she knows from somewhere. Then, they stop and talk for a while. I promise, my grandma said today seven times (to seven different people) “last night snow…”. We bough some green beans to plant, also some rat poison, and corn bread. She bought also Dora the explorer cookies for me. yes. i am 24. The best part was when we had to go to this house in the middle of nowhere where an old lady sold us homemade honey for 5 euros. Then I just read for a while and wrote a bit. I


Next post I’m talking about this thing that I have been doing. Reconciling with people from the past. I think I’ve gone crazy. I’m serious. 🙂




happy new year. 


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