holiday nap


Today was my last day at work before holidays.Well, the truth is that they are not real holidays. My contract finished today and I am getting renewed January 9th so that my boss does not have to pay me holidays.Yah… blame it on the crisis..But I cannot complain. I am really happy with my job, and she told me my next contract it is going to be until before September that I have to go to the US (well, I have not even thought of the possibility that I might not be accepted by any university, which it could happen, but I just do not want to think about it). Plus, she brought me a present. French sweet dessert wine to enjoy during Xmas with my family. Isn’t she nice?

Yesterday we had the “company Xmas lunch” thing. Not payed by the company. It was quite interesting. We went to this Bretonne restaurant we ordered salads, galettes and sweet crepes. Everything was good and not expensive. Being with the rest of the teachers was a nice experience, I felt completely part of the group.

The rest of the day was exhausting: Xmas shopping. Everywhere was really crowded, the heater in the shops too hot… well, I even got sick. But I had the perfect ending for the day because it was the Goodbye party at the drama school. (until 2012) And we really had fun. There were performances, improvisation competitions, lots of Champaign. Great. The problem is that I think I ate something weird because I was feeling sick the whole night.

How am I spending the holidays? I really do not know, but I have started today by taking a really relaxing nap, I think I have already told it a few times, but I hate Xmas. On top of that, this year we are not even having special dishes. There is this thing that we always have on the 24th that is called “PAn de JAmón” it is a venezuelan dish. And it is something that has been always on the Xmas table. However, the only bakery that made it in Galicia closed and that’s why we are not having one this year. My dad offered to make it himself, but my grandma said “no. get over it” and since we are spending the night at her house… so, we are just going to have a regular dinner. My mum does not like cooking, and my grandma is tired of it, so I guess we are eating something roasted on the oven, and turrón for dessert.

My other grandma, the one who lives in a very small and rural town called me and ask me if I could take care tomorrow morning of her granddaughter that has no school, and she needs to do some Xmas shopping. I am more than happy to do it, thats first plan for the holidays ( studying for the driving license will have to wait) and I have already plan some stuff to do with the girl: coloring, dancing, teaching some chinese words so she can impress her family during the holidays… It is great that for the first time there is something I can do for my grandma, I always feel I owe her.

Thats all

any recommendation for me? books? TV shows? movies?

thank you,




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  1. Pan de jamón es mi favorito de la navidad!!!!! tengo dos años sin comer de hecho, y este año por fin voy a comer… me removiste la nostalgia… No tengo recomendaciones particulares, pero creo que los días libres son ideales para ponerse al día con esos libros y películas que siempre queremos atender y vamos postergando…

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