My last drama class was amazing. We had a different teacher for the day and did stuff new. they think we are a good group. I hope they really thing that. And… we are having Xmas party next Wed. – by the way I have my first lunch with my coworkers, also Wed, but at lunch time, we’re going to a real brettonese creperie- I am excited. And in the drama party we’re showing our composition. I’m sure its going to be fun. The truth is that I find several people there really interesting, but we never have the chance to talk much cuz we’re doing exercises all the time, so… not real time to “be friends”. Plus, class ends at 22.30 (most of the time later) and its time to go home, have dinner and rest. So the party its going to be a good opportunity to get to know the actors and actresses better. 

I had surprises at work, too. I was there, from 9 to 13.30 in the office. About 12.30 my boss asked me to substitute an english teacher (intermediate class) at 16.00. I agreed, despite the fact that I am just teaching chinese and spanish, and I was kinda nervous thinking how to conduct the class. But it was great. The group was fantastic. I was really satisfied and I think they had fun too. I think that I am enjoying this thing of being a teacher too much… After the English class I had class with Andrés, the child I’m teaching Mandarin. I was sad cuz it was our last class (in January he is going to the second year chinese group, i was preparing him for that) and you know what? He’ve learnt in less than an hour how to talk about seasons, about the weather, ask for dates, ask for birthday dates, ask for the price of stuff! He was incredible. At the end of the class he gave me a huge surprise. A beautiful Santa’s plate full of candy, a card written by him saying thank you for being my teacher, and also a book mark with my name on it. I loved it. I have to confess that I might have let one tear go…

The rest of the day was not that great. I went to the doctor and he mention the word death, my mum was there and seriously, we had some drama. But its ok. 

What it is really NOT ok is that my family has been keeping a big secret for me. They think that I am weak at this moment and they were hiding that my uncle got his results and were not possitive. I mean, he has a tumor. They think I cannot handle it, and did not tell me. And of course I am hurt and sad. But I want to be part of the family too. I want to help. I have my right to be sad. 

I want to keep focusing on other stuff. I am doing this research on people from my town, I am going to interview a few tonight. And then, I want to keep reading the books for the reading club (although I cannot attend to the discussions anymore), and wow, studying for the car license. Thats the worst part, cuz that book is so no interesting. 


Thank you,




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Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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  1. Ànims!!! Segur que la teva família va haver de decidir dir-t’ho o no, i devien decidir no fer-ho pensant en tu. A més a més encara et deuen veure com la petita de la família, com una nena, és normal.

    Ànims també pel llibre de l’autoescola!!! Recordo que era aburrit a més no poder, i que moltes normes no tenien sentit (per què quan avances pots anar per sobre del límit de velocitat…però això no s’aplica a les autopiestes!?¿?!¿!¿).

    Fins aviat!

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