martes trece


I am almost done with all the applications. I just have to apply to Duke Univesity and send a couple of Official transcripts. It feels kind of relaxed now. 

The weather is still bad. Rainy,but is so galician that I am even enjoying it. 

So, the dog arrived. Since we did not go to pick Nora ( I chose the name) up, my aunt ask some message company to bring it over. She arrived, she is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. She is also nice, like calm, and likes cuddling. 

My grandma did not get so mad, so everything is kind of ok.

Yesterday I realized this trait on me that is so different from my family. They have this thing: they love fighting, having arguments, shouting, but they have the capacity to forget everything by the next day and be alright among each other. I cannot. I have this thing, its so hard for me to get really mad, but it is so hard for me to forget. I am (I admit its bad) resentful person I ever met. Sometimes I even need revenge. Bad as it is, thats how I am and I have never been able to change that. 

Today two new students started, an american guy and a french girl (yeah, it remind me off Before sunshine and sunrise too….) and they are great. I think they both enjoyed the class.

Yesterday I watched La conspiración and I liked it. About Lincoln’s death conspiracy. And last weekend I watched the dark knight. Loooved it. yah i know, so typical. oh well.

Thank you,




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Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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