On Xmas’ accomplices


I’ve never really liked Xmas…

I guess it is because I do not feel it spiritually.

I do not feel like being good

I do not feel like being solidary

I do not feel like being specially happy

But I am going to enjoy this Xmas.

Starting by: I decided to put decorations at home. We are decorating our tree in purple (you know, I got all this inspiration when my boss considered that I should decorate our language academy… because I did not have students). And I am proposing to do the invisible friend thing at home, so that everyone has a present, but we dont have to spend that much money. NOone at home is realy Christmacy, so I guess at least there is something everyone is going to be looking forward to.

I am exhausted. And I had two days off this week. Still, I think it is even worst. I am leaving for the Vasque country this Friday. We are going to do this… terrible thing. I mean, my aunt, who still lives with her parents, decided to buy a dog. In secret. Of course my grandma, her mum, does not want more pets at the zoo (her house actually looks like one). She bought her at the Vasque Country and she is picking the dog up, so I decided to go with her, so I get to visit Bilbao and San Sebastián for a couple of days. I have never been there. Anyway, I do not agree with the fact she’s bringing the dog (I named the dog, by the way) but I am still going to take advantage of the opportunity to travel. Am I being contradictory? yeah. But we agreed that I do not know nothing about the new pet so that I won’t be blamed for being a partner in crime.


Thank you,




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