Thank You


yah I know. Most of you are already tired of reading posts relating to thanksgiving. that it was on thursday. anyway, thanksgiving day does not belong to my culture or whatsoever, but I just want to share something nice my mum was saying about it.

Let me tell you that my mum was born in a little little rural town, had to start working early, and did not have the opportunity to pursue post elementary education. She met my dad and her life kinda change, moved out to my town, found a job … married, had me. Anyway, the thing is that despite the fact she did not have a high education, she is very interested in a lot of stuff. Listens to the radio, reads about health, and loves talking and sharing ideas.

So it seems that she heard about thanksgiving celebrations on thursday, while she was driving to pick me up and take me to drama class. She was saying that she did not understand why we took from the US commercial traditions but not the meaningful stuff. She believes that taking a day to think what we are lucky for, an how fortunate we are clearly deserves a celebration with family. Not Valentine’s day. And she is kinda right.

As I told you we were driving to drama class, and I instantly though what I am thankful for. First of all for my drama class. Not just because I love the teacher, the class, and drama. But because I have one activity, one day to expect for. A two hour session that I am sure that I’ll be enjoying my time, being happy during two hours at least every week. Not everyone has that.

I am thankful to my friend MARÍA, so much. she is living in vigo, where I work, 30 km from my hometown. there is always a day per week that I work in the afternoons and she always invites me to her place to have lunch, coffee, desert and rest before going back to work. Not only that, what is mostly material, but she listens, advices, lets me talking like crazy, and I feel just comfortable. I feel great. She is a very very good friend.

I am thankful to my students. They are nice, great people, but what I mean is that I dont know if they are learning, but the truth is that I am learning a lot from them. I am learning a profession, and I am learning that I can do things I though I was not capable of. My chinese student, she is so nice. Actually she brought me a chinese dish I love freshly made: mapo tofu, that I shared with Maria that day. Mi polish student is grate respecting my work. And the children… they are just amazing. The child I teach on Fridays is smart, intellingent, creative…. wonderful personality. And the groups… its so hard to describe the feeling, but observing how they learn, how they get excited about knowledge is… just overwhelming. Yesterday, by the way, the parents had the right to attend to the last ten minutes of the class, so that they can evaluate the education their children are getting. It was a lot of pressure, specially because I was just in the place of another teacher. But know what? My boss highly congratulated me when I was done. She said, you look so respetful, so confident.

Mapo tofu!!

Mapo tofu!!

I know I am not that great, but it is really nice that people congratulate something you struggle with.

And there it is where I want to reach. Of course I have many many things to be thankful for (family, my friends from Barcelona that keep in touch, etc.) but I want to take a piece of space to say thank you to my doctors. I mean, it is sad that I had to meet them in this situation, but they are incredible people, that can show you everything on what it is real vocation and benevolence. Not to mention comprehension.

Thank you,



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