My favorite month has just started


I love November. Everyone knows that. It gives name to my blog.

Anyway, and I am done with the GRE test. It didn’t go very good. But its done. Cross task

Now, tomorrow have to work extra time, because of my yesterday’s absence. So… its going to be hard, after a long weekend, a plane trip, after an almost 5 hours exam… back to work, and extra effort. Plus, tomorrow I have a new student, from Poland.

Being in Barcelona was strange. It felt weird. On the one hand I felt sad, like that was the place I was supposed to be and I was not there. However, on the whole it was good. I got the opportunity of having dinner with friends, not at a very good restaurant, but at least was an exotic experience. Let’s sum up by saying that we ate pink food. It was also good being at an apartment of a friends where I experience such good moments. Playing games, watching movies, having  Oscars nights. And over all, realizing that there are still people that, despite the distance are still there, caring about me.

The weather was chill. Nice. I could have a Coke with Youkyong in a terrace. It feels so good knowing that everyone’s life is still happening, still exciting, still running. Your friends evolve and you know that somehow you do too. And you are stronger. Even in not familiar places. With not familiar faces.

And at the airport, I finished reading Tartufo. Loved it so much. Despite the fact that I love reading, I always found kind of lazy when approaching to the Classics. And then, I have just realized that there is something that changed during this last month, and that is good. There is something that my doctors may not be able to see that is why they say I am still in the same condition. That thing is that I feel passionate about a lot of stuff again, I am enjoying my readings, the drama lessons, I am feeling strongly again, believing that still can happen things to me that change your life. I had a coffee in Tui with a friend today. Suddenly I watched myself talking non stop, smiling, and trying to make my friend forget about her worries and make her laugh at me. And I saw her. I saw my old me. That cheerful person to whom that my grandma use to say: You are the parsley of the sauce. So, it may be just for a few minuts, but I was back, that means that the old happy me can be back strong again. And to Stay.

Thats all. I may just turn back to Spanish again, since the purpose of this was practicing for the GRE. Or maybe not. Writing in English it feels like, because its not my mother tongue, its an scripted language and although I am using it to express my inner self, no one can get to it. I know its not true. But I feel safer. ++




p.d. I move my hands too much when I speak.


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  1. If the meals had been the kind you expected…would you remember that night the rest of your life? I think you’ll remember pink food over years, so your friends will.

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