Sunny and cold in Madrid


I am writing from Madrid. And just let me warn you… I am feeling terrible, so this post is going to be winy and pessimistic. So stop reading if you don’t feel like wasting your time reading complains.

I was suppose to take the GRE in order to apply for the U.S Graduate Schools so that I can enjoy my scholarship granted by la Caixa Foundation. I was worried because they test maths and that is why i had to spend most of my time studying during the past weeks. This test is taken on a computer, and you can only take it in Madrid or Barcelona (in Spain) Since I needed the scores as soon as possible (I was afraid they would not arrive on time) I scheduled the earliest test possible, and was in madrid. today. I had to buy a plane ticket from O Porto (Portugal) otherwise was too expensive, book a night at a hotel ( the location in madrid for the test was far from my friends house) and asked my boss to give me the day off. A lot of trouble, but oh well, it is to study a masters program in the US so I guess it was worth it.

HOWEVER, although I spent the whole night studying, woke up at 6 in the morning… when I arrived to the place they informed me that the test was cancelled for technical problems, and they have to reschedule it, and they gave me a new date in Barcelona next week. Which means: I may not get the scores on time, so no possibility of being accepted at US schools. It also means that I have to pay for another plane ticket, to barcelona, which taking into account that is within a week its going to be expensive. And finally… how do I ask for another day off????? My boss is going to fire me.

I am from Galicia, and culturally people from this region believes in ghosts, witches, curses, evil eyes… my grandma is always telling me that I am sick because something like this and that I should go “clean” myself to an spiritist. I always laugh at this. I know its cultural and all the people from galicia that are old and live in little towns with deep rooted traditions believe in this and I think its fun.

However, I am starting to suspect something. I may sound ridiculous, but lately there are many things that turn bad. Let me tell you something that has broken my heart. Two nights ago, my dog, Mufy, passed away. I saw it, and impressed me so much. I know it is soon, but since that moment I have been feeling terrible.




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  1. Em sap greu això del teu gos. Des dels 7 anys vaig tenir un gat, en Ros, era molt llest! Al cap de 13 anys va morir (el vam haver de portar al veterinari perquè patia massa). Entenc com et deus sentir per la seva absència, però pensa que ell no et voldria veure trista. Segur que des d’allà on estigui vetllarà per tu, perquè puguis fer el GRE i tot s’encarrili mica en mica.

  2. Es que a veces parece que todo cae y al mismo tiempo… pero no desanimes, tengo la tendencia a creer que todas los eventos cuyos desenlaces son cruciales para nosotros transcurren así: con inconveniencias. En todo caso, si estás en ánimo más místico, dale la vuelta y piensa que todo ocurre como debe y que en unos días todo encaja a la medida… Lamento lo de tu perrito…

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