I have something to confess. One of the things that scared me most of spending this year back home, it was the feeling of having to “not learn” anything for a year. After many years, two degrees, I have the feeling that I have to study for the rest of my life. Not only as a responsibility task, but also because I simply love it. I do not want to stop learning. And it is never enough.

Of course I have always heard that “life is the best school of life” bla bla bla, but I did not actually believe it. The thing is that yesterday I realized how much I am learning this year. One month at home and I have already the feeling of having experienced and learnt as many things as I did this past years.

Yes I am learning in this classes that I am taking, some drama skills, yoga, belly dancing steps… but I am not referring to that.

For example, yesterday, despite the fact I worked from 8.00 a.m until 19.00 p.m was one of the most fruitful days I had since I got here. The day started teaching Spanish to my Chinese student. Because we have been practice the “restaurant” topic, I took her out for breakfast to a really really nice café. I told her to order everything, ask for explanations on the menu. At the end we ordered coffees and freshly made croissants. I could see that my student was happy having that “different class”. While we were having breakfast I taught her many things on flavors, textures, and how to become a good gastronomic critic in Spanish.

When we finished class I was really tired and stressed out because in the afternoon I had to teach a 6 year old Spanish (and wealth family) child in his (amazing) house. I had never taught a child that small, and I sincerely did not know how to prepare for that class. I did not even know how a 6-year old is… do they know how to read? … but one of the most challenging things is that I had to teach him CHINESE! … well, i have to say. I was FRIGHTENED.

But, you know what? It went great. We had a lot of fun together. I manage to handle him. He learnt many things. He is smart. He understand tones! I think he can pronounce even better than me. Like, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. His mum was happy too.

My parents picked me up and I rushed to Tui (hometown) because I am taking some math private lessons to prepare for the GRE (that I am taking in MAdrid this Tuesday). And that was another discovery. That private teacher is so amazing that my relationships with maths have completely changed. I used to terrible hate them (my dad used to love them and pressured me during school), and know… they seem so much fun. Class started at 7.30 and at 9.30 I did not realize that two hours have passed.

The end of the day had a wonderful last touch. We went for dinner to my grandma’s and goian and ate fresh razor clams! delicious, for dessert: crepes.

But oh well, its weekend already and nightmare starts… two last days of intense study!

Thanks for reading.


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Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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  1. Hola! 🙂

    Estoy descubriendo que me va genial leer tu blog en inglés, aprendo bastante.

    Mucho ánimo con tus dos ultimos días de estudio y con el exámen en Madrid!!

    Y gracias por el link del otro dia!

    Hasta pronto ^^

  2. Amazing! Thanks to your post I realized parents should teach their children the same you tought to that girl: how to order in a restaurant, how to ask things about the menu…to be able to do things on their own as the human beings they are.

    I’m also proud of you dealing with your “mathphobia”^^.

    Good luck in Madrid\(^o^)/

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