On teaching


I have never thought about being a teacher. I mean, I did think about it, and I have been always sure about my feelings towards it: hate it. It could be an easy option If I liked it, having studied translation and interpreting I would be able to teach English, Spanish, Galician or even Chinese after taking a masters in Education as most of my classmates did, but I have been always sure that that was not the profession for me. I had amazing teachers through my life, that, actually, turned me into who I am now. But, since I heartily respect that profession, I believe that no one without vocation should become a teacher, that is why I have never considered joining the profession.

However, life took me to work as a teacher several times. I started teaching music (I played the piano for more than eleven years) to one of my mum’s friend daughters. Then I taught English to my aunt. When I became interested in Chinese i taught Spanish to Chinese students in exchange for they teaching me Chinese. I ended up teaching Spanish in Beijing so that I could afford paying for a Mandarin course at the university. Then, as part of the collaboration scholarship with my university in Barcelona I had to teach during a year. And now, the only single job that I found: teaching spanish to chinese students.

Surprised? I am. Why? Because I have always loved it. During previous experiences I have always thought that I loved it because of the context, because of a particular student, etc. But now… I am just realizing how motivated I feel preparing lessons for my student, how proud I feel when I see her improvement, so enjoying those hours I am explaining grammar (yeah!) unbelievable. And today… After teaching her all the vocabulary about shopping and clothing I took her to a shop, right down the building. I made her practice in real life. I asked her to ask for sizes, to ask for trying etc.

Despite the fact she was embarrassed, I think she enjoyed a “different” class. And I had such a great time. Like I am feeling that I can do this in a proper way.

Notes on me…. I found someone to drive me to Vigo at 7.30 every morning (so I am one hour early at work). Dad is picking me up with the ambulance. My boss told me it was obvious I was sick 😦 – I though i did not look ill- . And tomorrow check up at doctors. scary!




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Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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  1. You may have great memories of your beloved teachers, as some of your new students will of you in the future. You are making them while making yourself. This could be the meaning of life, isn’t it? (Now is when The Lion King OST sounds^^)

  2. The tricky thing about teaching is that some people without vocation can make excellent teachers, whereas there are cases in which even a vocational teacher lacks the skills to be a competent professional.

    I think it all goes down to a difficult balance between knowledge and the ability to transmit that knowledge in a meaningful way. These are the ingredients for an ok teacher.

    But then, there are the *special* teachers, those that make a difference in a student’s life, those that are so empowering that they stay in the back of your mind forever. How does one become one of those? I wish I knew. Funnily, though, sometimes one IS one of those special teachers without even noticing.

    I’m not particularly fond of teaching; I’m shy. And yet, something makes me transform when I teach, and I end up enjoying it.

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