ChangeS II


There is one main reason why I am turning this blog into English. And it is that I am taking the GRE exam on the 25th in Madrid… so … since noone is reading me anyways (not a big loss of readers) I guess writing in English is going to do no harm to me right now…


Specially since , big news! know what? I finally found a job! I will be teaching spanish to foreigners every morning. I am not getting paid much, but still, is going to make me feel busy and keep my mind occupied. In the afternoons I will be coming back home (studying GRE) and evenings I am keeping with my activities schedule …. monday and wed yoga, tuesday belly dancing, thursday drama and friday private mandarin lessons.

As If it was not good enough I’ve got more news. And good ones. First, I had my first drama class yesterday and I have to say that it was amazing. The teacher is just Willy (the teacher I used to have at my other drama school), the group is fantastic, and encouraging, and I think I learned a lot and did well. I really miss drama lessons, because, not only I love drama, but it helps me. Trying to be so many characters, believe you have other life for a few minutes, makes you forget about everything else. You can experience great things just by playing a role.


And also I had today, after a visit to the hospital, my first private Mandarin lesson. It was great also. The teacher is really really nice, friendly and serious enough for private lessons (I had many experiences where the teacher would just try to be friends and not teaches you anything)… I freshed up my chinese, and already have homework…


There has been some downers though… not everything can be great I guess. I usually go to my grandma’ s for lunch. So today I got there and she was really mad. And it is common, because she always gets mad with my grandpa… you know, they are retired and they have fun just by having these little arguments … but it really annoys me than when she’s mad at him, she would not talk to me either (my grandpa and I have a good relationship) and even if I do not know about the stuff, so she just did not talk to me, served the food in not very polite manners, and so…

I understand her. and I love her. but it is just really unpleasant having lunch like that. so after lunch i told her that since i am working now, i might just come on Sundays, and eat at my own house. She and grandpa, too, got really mad at me; they say I do not know how to be thankful to everything they have done for me, and I am childish for not even try to comprehend them….

oh well. at the end I am the bad granddaughter.

Thats all for today I guess. My mum bought me a really nice and ecologic notebook to write down my thoughts and take them to therapy, so since I gotta write there, I better not get tired already.


Thanks for reading.




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Soñadora aficionada. Licenciada en traducción e interpretación (inglés, chino) Licenciada en estudios de Asia Oriental (China) Apasionada por todo lo que me rodea. Cine, Asia, Literatura, Idiomas, Salud, Ecología, Actualidad, Gente

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  1. An unexpected change! Your English is excellent and the blog will help you practice and improve more and more and more. So, I’m curious, how many languages do you speak?

    Para serte sincero, no me gusta mucho el inglés. Es el idioma que me da de comer pero no le encuentro mucho sazón a la comida. Pero, en lo que te pueda ayudar, just let me know!

    And yes, some of us read you. 🙂 Good luck with all your classes!

  2. What about your gardening lessons!?¿!?¿ You shoud learn a lot and teach me when you come back!!! As well as cooking, mandarin, English,…but for free, please! In exchange I’ll teach you…..ehm….well…..let me think….

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